X Ways to Make Your Website "Sticky" So Visitors Come Back for More

  1. Be interesting: this might go without saying, but make sure to inject some personality into your content. If your prose is vanilla, rambling, or otherwise uninteresting, people will not be interested in coming back for more.
  2. Be valuable: this may go against engrained business acumen, but you want your visitors to have happily paid for what you give away for free. What does this mean? Make sure your content offers real value. Your visitors need to get something out of coming to your site, especially if you’re asking for an email address or trying to make a sale. 
  3. Be visual: don’t assail your visitors with walls of text. Break it up and add visual interest wherever possible. With free tools like Canva and Pixabay, there’s not reason to have a boring website.
  4. Be provocative: or at least entertaining! People are more likely to remember you if you ruffle a few feathers. This approach might not be for everyone, and I totally get that. BUT, if you have it in you to raise a few eyebrows, you’re more likely to stickify your site.