Organic vs Paid Search: A Synergistic Approach to Sustainable Growth

As you might be able to tell from my website’s name, I’m a huge proponent of organic growth strategies. When you provide prospective customers with valuable content, they trust you and are more likely to do business with you. This content also feeds Google’s never-ending quest to index the web (and often leads to greater online visibility).

But what about paid search? Can it be used to support your goals?

As I briefly mentioned in my in-depth guide to growth strategies, paid search can certainly be harnessed to grow your business. But, paying for your website to appear in search results must be done is a strategically sound way so that you don’t end up flushing your advertising dollars down the drain.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to pair organic search and paid search strategies to create a long-term, sustainable strategy for attracting new prospective customers to your business.