You need a digital marketing partner who will go to bat for you, make decisions based on your best interests, and deliver winning content to fuel your inbound marketing efforts.

You need someone who will give it to you straight and advise you based on performance and data (not BS trends and uninformed opinions).

Before we begin working together, I’ll make sure I’m the person you need. And if I’m not, I’ll tell you. It’s as simple as that.

But, in case you want to know a little more about the gal behind the scenes, here are the essentials.

I’m a learner, a tinkerer, a reader. I solve problems by trying things out until I find the solution.

Research is at the core of everything I do; nothing feels better than finding the answer to a difficult question then using that answer to drive results for my clients.

Writing is my passion; strategy is a close second.

Personal Details

  • Name: Julie
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Sex: Yes
  • Current Favorite Beer: Allagash White (or Pumpking!)
  • Reading Now: Range – Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World
  • Favorite Dwarf Planet Candidate: Quaoar (though 2007 Or10 is a close second)
  • Dogs or Cats? Both!
  • Familial Status: I both have come from a family and have a family
  • Guilty Pleasure: Clash Royale

Done reading about me? Wanna talk brass tacks? Hit me up!

Don’t be shy – Hop on a call with me!

Shamelessly exploited animals to boost your endorphins enough to hire me


Data Analytics and Recommendations

Expert Keyword Research

Competitive Analysis

Content Marketing

SEO Strategy
Topic Development
SEO Acceleration


Case Studies
Longform Content
Email Sequences
White Papers

The Boring Stuff

  • Years Writing (professionally): 24 (wow I’m old)
  • Education
  • BA, Latin (super relevant)
  • MDiv (religious stuff)
  • PhD studies in Hebrew Bible

Anything else? Just ask!

Don’t be shy – Hop on a call with me!